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WhatsApp for PC and laptop Now available


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Finally Good News arrived for all WhatsApp users. The news for which all users was waiting. Whats app has recently launched its Official Version for PC.  But for now it is available only in Google Chrome. You can quickly shift all your chats/contacts to WhatsApp desktop version just by a quick QR code scan given by your WhatApp mobile app. They said that it will be launched for other browser very soon.

Wondering How to use it on your computer? Just following these simple step

Step 1: First go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ let it be initialize. It may take few moments. then you will see this screen.

Step 2: Now go to your mobile App. On whats app home screen go to Settings –> WhatsApp Web (This option is only in latest version of WhatsApp. You need to upgrade your version for this).

Step 3:  Now your mobile camera will become active to scan. Just put your mobile camera in front of your computer screen showing above code. Your Camera will scan this code and your mobile got vibrate once. That’s It. All your chats will be active in desktop version. If your computer screen has high brightness it will become tough for your mobile to scan the code. So best and fast result, reduce your computer/laptop’s brightness to its lowest level.

If you will open https://web.whatsapp.com/ in other browsers except chrome. you will only see coming soon banner. It will be launched for other browser very soon.

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