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World’s cheapest computer CHIP only – $5

World cheapest computer CHIP only 5 dollar sasta pc cpu CHIP online order

Some months ago, you might have previously read about the $9 C.H.I.P, world’s cheapest computer, that was made by a company called Next Thing. Well, last week, C.H.I.P lost that title to the Raspberry Pi Zero, the new cheapest computer in the world.

World cheapest computer CHIP only 5 dollar sasta pc cpu CHIP

Last week, the latest issue of a computer magazine known as The MagPi was released, and as a world’s first, this magazine comes with a free pc—literally stuck to the cover. It is the latest Raspberry Pi release, weighing only 9 grams, known as Pi Zero. It also goes on sale world wide for only $5.

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Pi Zero is a tiny gadget and contains the first generation Raspberry Pi’s BCM2835 chip, safely overclocked to 1GHz. Pi Zero packs the same GPU as the regular Raspberry Pi, and comes with 512MB RAM. It runs Linux, and runs all the applications and programs any other Pi will—including Python, Sonic Pi, Java, an internet browser, and way more. You can run a media center, use if for teaching programming, or embed it in a project—and it fits in your palm! The specs of the previous record holder, the CHIP were also similar: It had a 1GHz Allwinner R8 Cortex A8 processor with a built-in Mali400 GPU, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of flash storage [missing in the Pi Zero]. It additionally encompasses a micro USB port, composite headphone/mic port, Wifi and  Bluetooth [also not present natively in the Pi Zero].

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